Why Top 45?

These are the things that float to the top of my list of activities that I want to do for the year 2012 when I am 45 years old. The list is comprised of things that I have either never tried or have wanted to try and just didn't have the courage or time to do it. Follow along and watch my progress and feel free to comment or add words of encouragement to help keep me going for the next 365 days!

Friday, January 13, 2012

REaDy, set, . . .


I have been missing writing here, but I am just now recovered from the crazy birthday weekend, cedar fever and getting my house back in order after Christmas.

As I promised, below is a photo that sort of shows my new RED haircolor:

Well, the red is not as obvious in this picture as I had hoped, but this is the best photo so far.  This photo was taken in the Devo karaoke room at Highball.  My friend, Stacy (upper left-hand corner), came to Austin with David from California to celebrate both our birthdays, hers is the 9th and mine is the 3rd. Alison (right-hand corner in turquoice) and I discovered The Highball on New Year's Eve.  We started the night out with champagne at my place then headed to Highball to sing karaoke for two hours then to dance at the 80s Dance Party.  The two hours of singing flew by and we had to rush through several of the last songs in the queue so I could get to one of my favorite songs, My Own Worst Enemy, by Lit.

Some people may be surprised that this song is one of my favorites of all time because I am not a really big drinker, I don't black out while drinking and rarely do I forget what I say.  I do know that sometimes I can be my own worst enemy when things come out of my mouth that I regret down the road (usually hormone, not alcohol induced), those on the receiving end of those rants know who they are and I apologize to them for that.  This song also reminds me of when I lived in San Diego...I had a lot of fun living there and have happy memories of that time.  It is ironic that this video takes place in a bowling alley because Highball is a glorified bowling alley with Karaoke rooms and a dance area with a stage.  We danced close to closing time because every time we thought we would leave, another great 80s song would come on and we would rush back to the dance floor.  Unfortunately, I had to work Saturday morning so the fun had to end at some point.

On Saturday, we saw the American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I am still on the fence about which movie version I like better, but the book is still better than the movies in my opinion.  Sunday, I made a late lunch for several friends including more January birthday girls, Leann and Alise.  To celebrate, I made a German Chocolate cake from scratch.  I fell in love with this cake when I was in grade school because my best friend Kim's mom would make this cake for me from time to time.  I have made it so many times for others when they have requested it and decided it was time that I made it for my birthday.

It doesn't look great, but it tastes so good and then you crave it for days after.  Must be the 8 eggs, 3.5 sticks of butter, 4 cups of sugar and coconut and pecans that do it.  It was gone by Monday evening and probably a good thing because I need to start back to eating healthy to meet the rest of my goals for the year.

I am revising the list, just a little bit, and will post the update soon.  I have completed another task this week as well as keeping up with the 'ongoing' ones and will write about that this weekend.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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