Why Top 45?

These are the things that float to the top of my list of activities that I want to do for the year 2012 when I am 45 years old. The list is comprised of things that I have either never tried or have wanted to try and just didn't have the courage or time to do it. Follow along and watch my progress and feel free to comment or add words of encouragement to help keep me going for the next 365 days!

Monday, January 23, 2012


This email was in my inbox a couple of days ago...

I had to laugh because I don't really feel like I am "AARP" material but my great/grand niece, Grace made me feel otherwise.  My nephew, Matt, was in town visiting for the weekend introducing his fiancee, Cat, to the rest of us and his 6-year old daughter Grace came, too.  Nicole, Grace and I were driving to pick up two other cousins, Kali and Eileen, and the discussion turned to age.  I asked Grace how old she was now and she told me 6.  Being the polite young lady that she is, she asked me how old I was.  When I responded, "45," she laughed and said, "Really, how old are you?" and when I repeated, "45," she exclaimed, "WOW!"  I am trying to take it as a compliment that I don't look my age, but I think she was in disbelief that she knew someone that age.

As promised, here is a revised list of the Top 45 for this year.  Not much really has changed, but it helps me to revisit it and remember that I better keep my rear in gear to accomplish it all before December 31.  I did slightly change the SXSW part to only include the movie portion because I just don't think I will have the energy to do all three parts.  Plus, if I have to do something by myself, I don't mind and feel safe going to a movie theater alone, not so much going down 6th street to hear music.  I have accomplished two things already so I am on my way!

    •    Get physical exercise 5-6 times a week for 45 weeks - Ongoing
    •    Austin 5k - TBD
    •    Danskin Triathlon - June
    •    Austin Triathlon - September
    •    135/8 - Ongoing
    •    Masters swimming meet - TBD
    •    Diva Dash - April
    •    Change Hair - January
    •    Passport Vacation - TBD
    •    Trip to San Diego with Kim & Stacy and others – July/August
    •     Paragliding - August
    •     Surfing  - August
    •     Snowboarding/skiing – November/December
    •     Chicken S*&t Bingo - March
    •     Zip lining - March
    •     Make bed each weekday morning - Ongoing
    •     Plant garden/produce veggies and herbs - Spring
    •     Get an egg from hens - Spring
    •     Empty kitchen sink each weekday night - Ongoing
    •     Redecorate Nicole’s room for 10th birthday - June
    •     Blanton Opening - TBD
    •     AMOA Opening - Janauary
    •     Wine & Food Festival – La Dolce Vita – October
    •     Opera – Lucia di Lammermoor – February
    •     Broadway Across America – Wicked – February
    •     Ballet – Romeo & Juliet – May
    •     Paramount Theater – Summer
    •     UT Football home game - TBD
    •     Symphony - December
    •     Volunteer for Thanksgiving or Christmas
    •     Texas Advocacy Project – Handbags for Hope
    •     SXSW – Focus Movie – March
    •     Austin Film Festival – October
    •     One handwritten note a month to Nicole – Ongoing
    •     Creative Writing Class – DOM
    •     Photography Class - TBD
    •     Art Class - TBD
    •     Top 45 at 45 Blog – Ongoing
    •     Courage to Change Blog – Ongoing
    •     The Artist’s Way morning pages and art dates – Ongoing
    •     iPhone Apple class – January
    •     Practice French – Ongoing
    •     Whole Foods or Central Market Cooking class - TBD
    •     Organize Family Birthday Calendar
    •     Livestrong Challenge – October

As I mentioned in the last post, several items will be crossed off the end of this month/beginning of February...


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